Smith Testing, Machining, and Quality Control

Smith Valves is one of the oldest valve brands for API 602 forged steel valves in the industry…

Producing a broad range of gate, globe and check valves utilized in the oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical and many other industries throughout the world, Smith delivers! Smith has been serving customers for over half a century with many years in industrial valve production. Our reputation is emblematic of the highest quality standards, unmatched design and metalworking craftsmanship. Our history is of utmost importance to us. We have many goals & priorities when it comes to valve manufacturing. Quality products with on-time delivery, all managed by a top-notch team are at the forefront. As a business, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest valve technologies and specifications. 

Today we want to highlight some in-house service capabilities that allow for quick deliveries and unconventional customer requirements to be met in a timely, quality controlled manner. We conduct in-house testing with NDE capabilities and a fully integrated machine shop.

On-site testing includes:

  1. Bellows testing per MSS SP-117
  2. Cryo Testing
  3. API 598 Pressure Testing
  4. Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing
  5. RT / Radiographic Testing
  6. Magnetic Particle Examinations
  7. Other NDE including ferrite, hardness & PMI available

Our facility also carries a certified ISO-9001 quality system, CE_PED certification and an API 602 designation.

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